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  • December 01, 2023


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Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our data; however, we receive changes daily from numerous sources that must be verified. Therefore, some updates may not yet be included.

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This directory contains providers who, based on our records, participate in the Beech Street Network. Our website is refreshed daily. We try to ensure the accuracy of the information in our directory; however, changes occur daily and may not yet be included in the directory. Therefore, it is possible that the provider you select is not currently participating in our network. Please confirm the providerís participation by calling the provider directly. The provider you select may not be available to all clients due to, for example, individual benefit plan or network restrictions. Additionally, the provider may not offer the Beech Street contracted rate for all services. Please confirm your benefits by calling your Health Plan Benefit Administrator or Insurance Company.


MultiPlan supports the many consumer advocacy groups in warning against providing any personal information (including Social Security Number, credit card information or bank information) to any unknown entity. MultiPlan is not an insurance company. If you should receive or have received any materials by fax, mail or email from any entity claiming to offer discount health insurance, please confirm with your state insurance department that the insurer and/or agent are properly licensed in your state to conduct the business of insurance.