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The Beech Street Network was acquired by MultiPlan, the nation's oldest and largest supplier of independent, network-based cost management solutions, and we are working to integrate the Beech Street Network into MultiPlan's networks. As your network partner, MultiPlan delivers patient volume from a diverse base of healthcare payers who use our technology to apply your contracted discounts quickly and accurately. By integrating your Beech Street participation into MultiPlan’s network products, you will not only consolidate contract and credentialing functions but you will also significantly expand your access to patients.

Combined, MultiPlan and Beech Street clients offer access to an estimated 19 million consumers on a primary PPO basis, and another 38 million consumers on a complementary basis. Learn more about MultiPlan here.To the left are online tools we developed to help you and your office staff manage your relationship with us more efficiently so you can focus on what matters most: providing care to patients. You can inquire about the status of a claim, access the provider manual, and much more through our Provider Portal.